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Choose The Best Products:

It is important to evaluate those durable and quality products that will make your investment worthwhile in the long term. Evaluate the assortment and new collections that best suit your budget and the style you want.


Before starting the project it is essential to foresee possible technical repairs. It is recommended then to check that the spaces that will be renewed have a good ventilation system and evaluate the state of the pipes, among others.

greener spaces:

An aspect that will save you long-term headaches. If you consider saving products within the project, not only will it be more environmentally friendly, but your water and electricity bill will be shockingly reduced.

For this, consider products such as double-flush toilets and pressure pumps, faucets, sinks, showers, energy-saving dishwashers, energy-saving light bulbs and if your refrigerator and washing machine have been renewed for more than ten years by new A-rated ones that save up to 41% energy.

The manufacturers usually emphasize in their packaging the environmental certifications they have and the clean manufacturing processes they carry out. Doors, veneers, applications and even the same paintings are achieved with high ecological standards.


The Homecenter Design Center advises renovating the bathroom with warm, earthy and rusty colors, or for those more classic, traditional tones with a visual, tactile and preferably rustic texture.

For its part, the kitchen should have light colors that generate amplitude within the reduced construction trends that sometimes make this an uncomfortable place, when on the contrary, it should be thoroughly enjoyed.

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